Sound Of Danger (1981)

Recorded summer 1981 on 8 tracks.

Performed and produced by Beranek.

Engineered and co-produced by Steinar Starholm.


Beranek: Synthesizer, guitar, bass, drums, vocal, producer

Monica Moltzau: Vocal, cover design

Steinar Starholm: Producer, engineer

Originally released on Mind Expanding Records as MELP01,

November 2nd 1981

Digitally remastered and released (streaming + CD)  as ANIMAL14,

October 26th 2018

Available on vinyl from Dark Entries Records

Side A:

Sound Of Danger (Beranek/Joyce)

Pictures & Paintings (Beranek)

Crystal Dream (Beranek)

How Could We Simply Die? (Beranek/Joyce)

Search (Beranek/Joyce)

Side B:

So Many Things (Beranek/Joyce)

Doorway (Beranek/Joyce)

A Prisoner In A Silent Way (Beranek)

Can't Go To Sleep (Beranek)

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