She's A Great Dancer (1984)

She's A Great Dancer b/w Highfly, taken from the motion picture

"Galskap" by Egil Kolstø.

Recorded at Scanax Studio, Oslo summer 1984.

Produced by Beranek, engineered by Sverre E. Henriksen.


Beranek: Vocal, guitar, synthesizer, drums, programming

Anne Danielsen: Vocal

Johan Bergli: Saxophone

Morten Krogvold: Photo

Mariann Hennie Hafseng: Design

Originally released on Snowflake Records, September 3rd 1984.

Catalogue number CLS 1018 / CLP-M-002

Remastered and available for streaming from june 21st 2019

Side B:

She's A Great Dancer - Extended Club Dub Profit Mix


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Side A:

She's A Great Dancer - 7" version

High Fly

Work - Edit Job Mix

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